Wednesday, January 03, 2007

trainers are not for going easy

Trying to get some short easy rides in here/there.

Choice: 20degrees or trainer.

I wasn't sure what time it would get light enough to be safe to be out there so I chose trainer this morning. WRONG. Going easy on the trainer, just spinning along is agony. Even with a movie or music time passes at a snail's pace. Tomorrow I'm opting for the cold weather.

Even though it takes just as long to dress as I'll be out at least the time will pass easier.

The trainers are great when you have a structured workout. Intervals with defined ON/OFF periods that are quantified. I've done 50min to 90min workouts on the trainer where the time passed significantly better than 30 min spins.

This morning I also tried Green Tea before the ride and just water on the ride.

I'm not much of a coffee drinker though have been addicted to one cup in the morning 1/2decaf 1/2caf. The green tea tasted good and didn't produce any light headed/buzz that even a tiny bit of coffee can induce in my hypersensitive system.


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