Thursday, December 21, 2006

More musings on nutrition / reactive hypoglycemia

Haven't been riding too much but have been lifting in the morning. Most times I've been feeling really lightheaded while lifting.

I know that small amounts of carbohydrates trigger a reactive hypoglycemic affect in me which leads to the bonked feeling. I've tried to have a solid meal with more than 70g of carb for breakfast. This has included oatmeal, yogurt/grapenuts, etc. The problem is that I eat and then go to the gym within 1/2 hr.

Today I just had 2 eggs and a small glass of soy milk and coffee. Felt much better at the gym though had some light headedness. The coffee might have something to do with that. See this article

In the mornings, I think it's better for me to have no carbohydrates and then when I start working out, be it cycling or lifting, intake energy drink. And then afterwards to intake a lot of carbs.

For events later in the day or races my pre event meals need at least 3hrs to digest and level out my blood sugar. If I can't eat that far in advance of a ride, maybe it's better to not eat and then to intake energy drink while on the ride. It seems that I fall into this trap of worrying that I need to eat before a ride. But only have an hour. I eat and then get lightheaded and the ride sucks.

Grazing is something that is recommended, but I've found that it can sometimes lead to a perpetual bonked feeling. Each small meal elicits a reactive event. An hour-2hr later when I eat again the same thing happens.

So far sticking to lower Glycemic Index doesn't seem to be solving the problems

Thankfully, my pre-event eating is working out well, and I'm racing without bonking. However it takes a lot of preparation and timing. Most days it's hard to plan properly. But if I want to train well that means I need to plan better.


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous bryan said...

Keeping a nice healthy diet is a lot of work. I read that eating protein with carbs helps maintain a more constant blood sugar level. Apparently the protein slows down the release of insulin during digestion.

For example I have plain yogurt with blueberries and granola in the am. Yum! Then about an hour later, a banana, then an orange and sometimes a carrot muffin.


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