Monday, December 11, 2006

Winter clothing reviews and thoughts

Reposting some reviews of winter stuff.

Foxwear Evap winter Jacket

Base Layer shootout
*I've decided that s3 works best when used with a jersey or light vest. When used with a windblock jacket it gets clammy. The Craft pro dri is my favorite all around base. It wicks away moisture, is warm, but doesn't have that clammy or chilly feel like other base layers

The winter gloves I've got suck. Goretex gloves, but the thumb is all leather. Bulky as all get out. My hands are cold, or sweat too much. Other options:

PI-Amfib Glove
Lake MX Zero
Craft Siberian

For anything over 40
Windproof shell layered with liner gloves works well

My wife just got some Pi Gavia gloves. They look like they'd be warm but she went running in some 25-30 degree weather and they didn't do jack.


Perf Triflex look to be the best value for a cold weather tight

Layering leg warmers with a tight buys you at another 10 degrees of warmth

-Windproof booties

Layer with a light shoe cover

Put a chemical heat pack in between them.

wool socks

It doesn't really matter. My feet will be cold no matter what. The best I can do is just do everything I can to just make it bearable.


At 10:57 AM, Blogger Carol said...

Hey Ashwin --
Interesting, I just waded through a 27 response discussion on my fav running livejournal group and the topic was clothing. Am making good progress here -- its amazing how the success comes across the board even when I am switching up on the type of training (today was big hill day -- check out my latest post if you want).
Quick question for you since I have seen a lot of your writings are about the effects of what you eat (or don't eat) as related to your workouts: I thought it was my imagination but sometimes I go a long time (esp at work) and can't get to lunch -- then I after about three or four bites of my sandwhich I feel this intense dizziness in my head in a sudden rush. Is that my blood sugar level changing too fast? Obviously I am almost sure it is that and I should "graze" to avoid. What do you think?

At 12:27 PM, Anonymous cycling supplies said...

I don't get this. "It wicks away moisture, is warm, but doesn't have that clammy or chilly feel like other base layers" Could you please enlighten me on this? I keep following all your posts hope you can regularly post more. I get very useful information here. Thanks for having this.

cycling supplies

At 12:35 PM, Blogger Ashwin Amanna said...

WRT taking three of four bites and then getting a rush: It might be related to Reactive Hypoglycemia. I have experienced that before also.

Sometimes I've found myself in a wrong cycle of eating as far as the timing goes. I end up feeling like this multiple times during the day.

One thing that helps me is eating some protein with every meal. Like eggs and cereal, or nuts and bread, or a turkey sandwich.

Also I try to not eat in the 3hrs before excercising. I will be hungry and feeling the need to eat. But will wait to eat until actually riding. So will start drinking gatorade or eat a bar but only after I've already started to exercise.

The worst thing for me to do is to eat a bar 20 mins before riding. the reactive hypoglycemia kicks in and I feel bonked before starting. However, if I eat after I've started I'm ok.

Many times I'll have coffee and then start riding. I'll eat or drink gatorade and be fine.

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Ashwin Amanna said...

wrt to:It wicks away moisture, is warm, but doesn't have that clammy or chilly feel like other base layers" Could you please enlighten me on this?

Sometimes, wicking materials feel clammy to me. Like an old gortex jacket and that feeling of it next to your skin. I hated it. This material has a softer feel to it so it feels better next to skin

look up N2S or next to skin and waterproof or wicking.


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