Sunday, November 26, 2006

Great weather

The weather has been amazing up here. 60s this weekend. Sunny and 60s and it is almost December.

We went to Pipestem state park for the weekend. We love that place. Lots of fun things to do with the kids. They have some trails up there an have had races there.

The trails aren't super pristine single track but I like it. Though some parts of utterly destroyed from horses. It boogles my mind how badly horses can destroy a trail. Whoever says that mountain bikes cause more damage than other trail users needs to check out some spots at Pipestem. Even ATVs can't trash a trail like that.

For the most part the trails are pretty smooth, except for some parts of the County line downhills. There are a couple of rock gardens/creek crossings. The climb back up the River trail is a good one too.

I was pleasantly surprised how well I rode given that it's the middle of hypetrophy. The snap in the legs is gone but I'm amazed at how high a gear I was comfortable turning.

Back at home today, I opted to get another ride in given the weather. The ride didn't go as well as yesterday. My legs felt tired and my handling felt really off. I realized that my fork felt a little soft. I pumped it up and checked it out again, and it felt a lot better. Lesson learned, check fork pressures more often.


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