Friday, November 17, 2006

miscalculation in weights

So I started my Hypetrophy phase yesterday. I wrote a spreadsheet to help organize the Morris lifting program. Each phase's weights are calculated off of 1 rep maxes.

I was going to use what I'd entered last year and adjust as necessary. The first day of hypetrophy is always a little shock even after the 3 weeks of transition lifting. But it did feel a little harder than in the past. Then I realized that the maxes that were listed in my spreadsheet were after a round of 2 week hypetrophy and 2 weeks strength.

In the past I've done 4 weeks of hypetrophy, 2 weeks strength, 2 weeks power. Last year I did 2 weeks hypetrophy 2 weeks strength and then repeated 2 weeks of hypetrophy and 2 weeks strength. But I reset my maximums in the spreadsheet to a higher number after the first round.

And that's what I started with yesterday. I adjusted down today. But if I recall, the first week is tough and later I found myself adjusting some weights up.

6 sets of 10-12 is hard. It's time consuming too because I've been following the recommended 1.5-2min rest between sets. But the rest helps a lot to complete the next set.

I've been just trying different stuff for upper body. I like it, but I've put on some muscle. My core strength has improved too. It's helped with technical riding and on steep climbing. I hope it's not a boat anchor for long climbs.


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