Thursday, November 02, 2006


No clue how I did it, but I pulled something in my back. middle back on the left side.

I think I did it doing some twists with a medicine ball. Basically, I had a ball and was twisting side to side slowly, and only like 4 times. I mean like hardly anything at all.

Or I might have done it just pulling up on the bar of the bike to coaster wheelie. Regardless it started to bug me a little when doing subtle movements, or when stabilizing the torso such as when getting up from the sofa or a chair. It wasn't one of those immediate sharp pains that hit you out of the blue when you do something basic like picking up a pen. It came on slowly.

I think I did something to a deep tissue stabilizing muscle

But it didn't seem that bad. I even went mountain biking with my wife and it didn't bother me at all. I was riding very well, pretty technical and was moving all over the bike and felt nimble. However later that night it was bothering me much more when trying to get up from a sitting position.

This morning it didn't seem too bad and thought it might be going away. But I went to the gym to continue my transition lifting, which is still very very light weight. And I couldn't even do one squat with no weight. I went back to the car and could barely get in.

Subtle movements will trigger the muscles to tighten and it just takes my breath away.

I'm not sure if I should go to a PT or just take it easy and hope it goes away.

Regardless, I'm off the bike and weights until it come back.


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