Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Why cutting out the crap helps you lose weight

I lost some weight fairly easily the past few months. The change was cutting out a ton of crap. Fried foods, candy and beer. It wasn't as hard I expected it would be. It's cold now and I'm cold all the time so I'm not really craving a beer anyway.

My wife is doing a little presentation for our son's kindergarten class about what's inside foods. She works in a food analysis laboratory and has access to the national nutrient database. She measured out the sugar and fat that is in some different food items.


From left to right:
1 piece of wheat bread: 2g
1 serving Kix cereal: 3g
1 tiny piece of chocolate: 7g
1 serving of Honey Smacks ceral 17g

Interstingly enought the serving of Kix has 25total grams of carbs and the Honey Smacks has 27g of carb.

From left to right:
1/3 of a bag of popcorn: 3g
1 small piece of chocolate: 6g
5 piece chicken nuggets: 17g
1 small fries: 23g

It was surprising to me to be able to drop weight so easily while at the same time struggling a lot to actually eat enough. Now I know why


At 3:43 PM, Blogger Some Coder said...

Wow that's really cool to see the amount of crap one really gets from eating certain foods. Thanks for the post --- you've inspired me to eat better.


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