Friday, November 03, 2006


My back is feeling much better. I got some great advice from some well wishers. Basically, Ibuprofen or alleve and rest. Bike riding is as long as it doesn't hurt though roadriding might be better than mountain biking.

Even though it isn't hurting as much I'm going to take it easy for several days. After alternating lifting and riding the last two weeks, doing nothing feels quite drastic. It got cold again here, so I'm not itching to get out on the road bike either.

Wife and older son are going on trip so I'm home with the little one. So there wasn't going to be any real riding anyway for a few days.

It bums me a little because the last few rides I've done have been really good. I don't recall ever riding this well after the season ended. In the past it seemed that as soon as the season was over my fitness dropped dramatically very quickly. I think this fall I've been riding more than usual and going just long/hard enough to keep the legs primed and because I'm rested all the time each ride feels super strong. Plus technically, I feel much better so that makes each ride better.

One more week until the hypertrophy phase starts.


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