Thursday, November 30, 2006

Training update

Sorry there hasn't been much activity here. There just isn't that much going on. I'm taking a little break from the obsessive cycling mindset and just following my strength training in roboto mode with a few rides here/there just to spin the legs.

I finished the first 2 weeks of hypetrophy. And I just started a 2 week cycle of strength. It always amazes me how doable, dare I say easy, the strength phase seems.

When I fill out my spreadsheet the weights are filled out for all the phases. As I start hypetrophy I take a look at what's coming in strength and am wondering how I'll be able to lift that kind of weight. Yet without fail the plan comes together.

Strength phase as me lifting only two days a week, so I might get on the bike some. I'm going to do 2 weeks of strength and then go back to hypetrophy for 2 weeks. But I'll be resetting the maximums that are used to fill out the worksheets. So I'll be lifting more than I did the first go around.

Then 2 more weeks of strength and then back to power.

I haven't counted the weeks yet see where I'm going to be come the first race. I've got a feeling I might be a little behind schedule come Dragon's Back.


At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

vgibsI know what you mean, this will be my second full year. The plan looks crazy when you read it, but I'm guessing that the reason is doable, has to do with the way that morris designed it. If you add the amount of sets, reps and weight the totals are nuts. I don't gain any real weight doing it either, I dont see how some guys say that they gain pounds, form just looking at weights.

At 7:21 AM, Blogger ashwinearl said...

I like to say that I bulk up just by looking at weights for upper body.

I've been checking my weight on the scale and it is about the same, maybe a pound-2pounds up but that is understandable given the considerable drop in riding.

But when I look at my upper body it looks so pumped. Shoulders, chest, back. It is a far cry from the emmaciated cycling pro look. It scares me that I'll be dragging it up hill.

Though at the same time, I can tell that the upper body strength is helping my trail riding a lot.


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