Saturday, December 09, 2006

Too cold to be fun

The shop sponsored a mtb ride with Trek Pro Sue Haywood yesterday afternoon at 3pm. The stars weren't aligning for this ride. Work was slammed all day. didn't have lunch till 2: Chinese food==> reactive hypoglycemia. Rush rush rush to just get out there.

I got there late in my work coveralls and several layers. I hate being the one that slows down the group from getting going. So while everyone was freezing their butt off I shed the clothes and changed as fast as I could.

It was cold. Mid-upper 20s with high winds. The sun was starting to go down so there was no warmth coming from the sun. I've always felt that it is too easy to over dress for mtb riding especially on the terrain we have here. Typically, I'm cold at the start and then usually cursing for all the layers I've got on.

NOT this time. It was cold from the get go and cold all the way through. Feet and hands were blocks. My feet had been sweaty and clammy when I started but I didn't take the time to change into dryer socks before the ride. Mistake. There was this weird disconnected feeling for me. The timing was off so the bike didn't seem to move right when I want it to. Braking in thick gloves was slowed. My head was light bonky feeling. It felt like I could have easily rode right into a tree.

The wind just blasted against your face. Faces were turning reddish blue/purple that coordinated with the Trek Red jersey.

Downhill was surreal. The trees went by in a blur, the balaclava I had on muted the wind and the trail sounds. The body wasn't responding quite as fast as it should. So every corner was wrong, and brakes were grabbed at the wrong time.

It's amazing also how the fitness changes through the year. This time of year it's actually a surprise that I can turn a pedal. My heart was racing and my lungs were gasping. The group mentatlity was fast today. One just to stay warm and two because there's a pro around.

But it's not the time of year to be fast. Thought it still a mind trick to be huffing and puffing and not going anywhere fast.


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