Saturday, December 16, 2006


Whew. Fried legs, smokers hack. bonked, lower back screaming, dehydrated. all good.

I've been in that phase where the less you ride the harder it is to actually motivate to get out an ride. Work is really hectic and I'm just trying to follow the strength training plan and get to the next phase.

The ride last Friday was so bad that I was resigned to feeling that rides during this time of year aren't that good and I was just going to go lift cause that was what was on the plan. Thankfully John emailed saying that he was getting out on a mtb ride. Scott is also back in town from China so I called to see if he want to get out too.

We've had this ungodly warm weather, but it was a little chilly this morning. Totally way overdressed. We climbed Old Farm and roasted. Middle ring the whole way. It's actually easier than when going for time, because the big gear keeps the heartrate and breathing down except for the real technical sections.

Went down beast. Love love that trail. Then some Gap stuff and up sidewinder.

Climbing the fire rode of sidewinder, Scott put his roadie riding into play and just hossed it. I'm trying to learn from his style of never letting go of a wheel and just stared at his wheel the whole way up riding the edge of the redline. He's so smart and crafty. He lets up just a hair at the top of a rise to bait me to pass him, which I always do, and then he jumps on my wheel and waits and takes it to me because I over did it on the pass.

I'm almost on my hands and knees wanting to puke. Thinking to myself that this isn't the time of year to be going so hard. But it was nice to actually be able to even attempt it. In past years riding during this time has been terrible. Cardio usually has failed me. So I'm pleasantly surprised that I was actually able to ride well.

Climbed to the middle than rode down to help someone with a flat,back up than down OF and another flat towards the top. Went back up to help out and that did me in.

Amazed at how big a gear I ran all day. The legs fried towards the end but I thought they'd fail sooner. The FS rides better under a bigger gear. It doesn't bob as much. My bike doesn't bob much to begin with either but it felt stiffer under a bigger gear.

Handling was good. Even though I haven't been doing any skill work. Sometimes taking a total break from something helps. Though core skills like vision and braking need work.

Nutrition is one of the keys for me. Ate smart this morning. Last Friday nutrition had killed me.

Riding with certain people brings out the best in you. Fitness wise and handling wise. The opposite can be true with other types of people.


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