Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Dropped the car off this morning for work. Ride into work was chilly but the sun was shining.

While at work, snow showers start to move in. Blowing horizontal. But it looks to let up so I head out to go get the car. Again, it's cold and windy but all the cycling gear is working well. Fingers, of course somewhat cold but not unbearable.

Then it starts snowing, then sleeting and I'm going into the wind. Oh my face. A thousand pinpricks with 30 degrees and 20-30+mph wind rivetting the sleet into my face. I was on the hardtail w/knobbies and it just felt sooooo slow.

It seemed like all my energy was hardly making a dent in forward progression. At times my head was completely down just steering by the white line on the road. At one point I found that mind numbing nirvana of just churning the pedals. It struck me that I need to find that spot more often rather than thinking/analyzing all the time while riding.

Finally I made it to the place and pick up the vehicle. 10 minutes later the sun is out. A tiny taste of what the hardmen of cycling deal with regularly.

That little ride just wore me out. I've been tired ever since. And cold.

I did my first workout of the power phase the other day. Short and sweet. But the legs definitely felt it today. Tomorrow is a few sprints. Ugh that is going to hurt.


At 10:35 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Woah -- that sounded brutal; really one of those memorable rides, huh?

On your other post prior, glad your training is going well. It is rewarding to see the layers of nutrition and type of training paying off; curious, how is it that the strength training benefits won't be evident 'till April?

April's half marathon will be the hardest thing I have ever done...well, right up there with childbirth! Give Karen and the boys my best!

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