Thursday, January 04, 2007

circulation issues

Ok, so this morning I decided to ride outside for an 1hr instead of repeating yesterday's agony of trying to ride easy on the trainer.

Hit the road as soon as the sun was up. Sunny but it takes at least an hour for the sun to get high enough to actually be sunny on the road.

My feet were fine until 45mins into it. My fingers hurt from the get go. Even with these new gloves. The model is the Siberian..go figure

I wore a thin liner with them too. Got my wife the same pair and she loves them. They have pretty thick insulation and I think the problem is my fingers are crammed in there too tight. From what I read the key to warmth for toes/fingers is to have some warm air around the digits and if shoes/gloves are too tight than you can't do that.

W/o the liners the skin is against the insulation and then they get slightly sweaty and guessed it: cold.

Just have to accept the poor circulation as one of the many minor ailments (allergies, etc..) to deal with. It beats having anything major wrong.

But I will continue to try ideas for cold digits. Someone recommended placing a chemical warmer at the wrists.

I'm getting worried about the weather. It's 60 today. A guy at work said he read an article that said the 5 worst precipitations in history have been preceeded by uncharacteristically warm/dry periods in the early part of the winter. The article said that the moisture has started to accumulate and all that needs to change is the jet stream and then we are going to get SLAMMED.

Once again my training has placed the endurance phase in the worst part of the year. For potential weather issues as well as work related.

All because I wanted to continue to race into October. You know maybe this year I'll time it differently. Possibly race in October but consider it to be a lower priority. Start lifting earlier so that my base periods will fall in the Mid November-early December when decent weather is more the norm. This year is a freak and can'y be counted on.

But talk about dedication. This pro/cat1 was telling me that he's doing 3-4 rides on his trainer due to a full time job. Woah, now that is answering the question: how bad do you want it?


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Keith said...

Sorry to hear your having warmth problems. Riding with cold fingers and toes is no fun. Most people around here (Michigan) ride with "lobster style" gloves in the winter. I've got a pair made by Craft. That being said, the gloves you've got look pretty warm... I'm not sure how much better you'll be able to do.

Also, I definitely agree with your post the other day about easy spinning on the trainer. Doing that kind of a workout on the trainer is just mind-numbing.



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