Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Notes to self

In season work:
- if more races, change from 3weeks on 1 off to 2weeks on 4-5 off.
- hardest part is if not many races how to keep focus.
- hard mtb rides, hard road rides, fast hard group rides for motivation. Do intervals session one day, than hard group ride next day

specific prep for key races with lots of transitions
-leadout intervals
-SMSP 1on 30 or 45 off. Incomplete recovery.
-combo MSP/SMSP.
-intervals only once a week

Cramping strategy
-salt foods to retain water
-multivitamin, multimineral
-try glycerol for hyper hydration in training. Too much can pull too much water out of system and cause dizzines.
-Need to make one MTB ride a race sim. Full on to work on increasing volume of high intensity

-if an investment race, then go balls out, if more important race, than go hard at start then back off in order to finish strong

Warm up protocol
-5min at zone 2-3
-5min MSP threshold
-3-5 zone 2
-5x1on 1 off zone 5
-3-5 zone 2

-most important is to get carbs back into system.
-Cool down and take recovery drink, and take in carbs at good intervals after race
-not much evidence for massage, baths, topical creams, etc.

-For subsequent years
-still build MSP
-build volume at MSP
-Look back at year and find limiters, then focus training on limiters
-starts, climbing, etc...

-not so beneficial to stand a lot on long climbs
-on rollers, most important thing is timing it so that you don't stand after momemtum has been lost. Timing it to maintain rear wheel traction.

Goals / focus
-Make each individual workout count.
-each one is an opportunity
-get the most out of each one
-pain is part of the game. Pain lets you know you are doing it right.


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too need to do more race simulations to beat the cramping problems.

Boy do I hate those leadout intervals. How do you motivate yourself to keep pounding during them?


At 7:14 PM, Blogger Ashwin Amanna said...

Dave keeps mentioning lead out intervals as being one of the key workouts for mountain biking and I keep ignoring it. I just cannot stand the leadouts either on the trainer or on the road bike. I'd much rather do 1min on 30 off SMSP, or hill repeats or anything else. Well anything except sprints.


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