Friday, February 27, 2009

The transformation begins

The lifting transformation is beginning. Today was a power day. Weight is dropped significantly and you perform the lift with explosive movements. With Squats I jump off the ground. I love the fact that I am jumping off the ground with more weight than I started within the transition period.

I just do squats and hamstrings in this explosive movement, then still do strength with upper body and some regular stiff legged dead lifts. still loving the beefcake upper body until I start to get on the bike and do some road climbs.

And also did one round of sprints. 4x4 of 15sec on 60 sec 0ff 5min between sets.

I tell ya, these sprints and the leadout sprints are the workouts that when I am doing them seem worthless because I feel like I am not able to accomplish much work and more feel like I am flailing.

Though for a fact I know that the leadout work that comes later has a direct and quantfiable benefit to technical rocky riding and short steeps.


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