Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Hypertrophy 2 minute drill

I'm full swing into the Hypertrophy phase. Amazed once again of how well the body can adjust and adapt. A few weeks ago I was barely able to get through the transition lifting, and now I'm doing 6 sets of 10-12.

From a time perspective I would not say that the Hypertrophy phase is the best time efficiency. 6 sets of 10-12 with 2 minutes rest between sets takes some time. When I first started I used to rush through the rest. Lately I've been taking the whole 2mins and then some and it makes a big difference in making it through the final sets with good form and getting up to 12 reps. Especially as you increase weight ever other set.

The plan calls a Heavy day and then a light day the next. The light day cuts the weight by a certain %. So back to back days. Heavy Day/Light Day/rest/Heavy/light/2 days rest

When I first did this plan I said no way. But I am able to get through it pretty well. The rest days are the worst from a sore/stiffness perspective. Also I can feel my knees are week later in the day especially if I'm on my feet a lot. I've hyperextended my knees just standing around wrong in the past so I try to be careful.


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