Monday, January 05, 2009

examples of hugeness

took apart my WTB Laser Disc lite hub today. I try to grease the pawls up with very lightweight grease every 6months or after some serious wet riding. Using regular grease isn't a good idea because the thick grease makes the pawls sticky. I have some left over Manitou M Prep that is great for this. It just doesn't last long because it is so thin.

But this time I noticed that a tooth on the carrier was busted out. I haven't really noticed it though. These hubs never had the quickest engagement so I might have just chalked any slipping to that. Overall I'm pretty happy with these hubs given their weight to cost ratio. They have a slight annoyance in that they adjustment requires that there be a little bit of play. So it always seems like the bearing adjustment is off or there is play in the quick release. Sure they are not Kings, Hopes or DTs but they are less than half the price too. And they aren't annoyingly 'hey look at me I have chris kings', loud. Not that I wouldn't mind some annoyingly loud hubs.

I heard that they have an upgraded system but am not sure if it would apply to my model hub. Hopefully I can get a new carrier. I think Cambria sells them.



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