Saturday, January 03, 2009

updating trails at Hungry Mother

My wife rode at Hungry Mother today and saw a bunch of bobcat tractors and trail workers adding some new miles.

I guess they are extending the CCC trail and the Molly's knob trail so they are longer and are not as steep. The goal is to make it more accessible to a larger complement of riders.

There's some fun riding there. Some great introductory trails that won't rattle the teeth out of or require donation of a lung for new riders, yet still create some challenges for experienced riders when they turn on the speed. There is also no shortage of climbing when you hit the CCC and Molly's.

The glutton for punishment in me hopes they don't take out all the steep stuff. But anything they can do to get more bikers to the top of Molly's would do wonders for the general karma of the world cause that view is to die for. I've only hauled my butt up there on the bike twice. neither time clean and left portions of lung on the way.

The only thing I'd wish for would be more tight singletrack and more technical riding. Granted you have to make do with what you've got and bobcat tractors can hog out trail a lot more than nonexistent volunteers who are more busy blogging and bellyaching.

Kudos to the work they do out there. Wonderful park rangers who dig mountain bikes and mountain bikers and great local heros making the sport accessible to more riders.


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