Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cold/impending sinus infection derailing hypertrophy a little

Got a head cold the other day, and I know, just know that it's going to turn into a sinus infection. I think the issue is that I'm chronically stuffed from about November through early spring. Non-allergic rhinitus due to coal burning plants in WV. So when I get a cold I think that there's already junk backed up and it turns to sinus infection within days.

1st day of hypertrophy was going to be yesterday. Took it off and did some upper body this morning. Tomorrow morning I'll go for the legs. I'm feeling ok, but am just waiting for it to go full blown sinus infection. Already have appt with doctor. Got on the sudafed immediately as well as the Neil Med but don't think I can prevent it.

1st few days of Hypertrophy are hard. I never make the plan. But things come around strong starting into the second week and by the end I've usually upped the weight a little. I am also going for full 12 reps before upping any weight.

Interesting muscle imbalance on my left side. The front part of the shoulder right where the pec connects to the shoulder is really weak compared to the right side. I am doing incline dumbell press and my right arm can easily do 10lbs more. Left side is barely getting the dumbell up. It's all tied to that small muscle in the front of the shoulder


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Keith said...

I'll be interested if you notice a difference in the results of your lifting phase now that you're following the Paleo diet (I'm assuming you're still following it). I've noticed that I respond much more quickly to weight lifting since I've been following it.

At 10:02 AM, Blogger ashwinearl said...

I'm off/on the Paleo. I try to stick with it at breakfast and some evenings. For my body type it's killer for getting to an ideal weight. After the last few months I noticed some added weight and just going back on it for a few weeks kicks everything back.

I definitely think my metabolism got reprogrammed a little when I started on it.

At 3:11 AM, Anonymous site said...

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