Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is the general plan for the next few months. It's just a compass to keep me doing something. Life is still super hectic and the point of this is to remove any thought process from training and make it just something that gets done (if time is available). Without this I'd not be motivated.

I'm already falling a few days behind. Just finished the 2nd full week of hypertrophy and it's going quite well. I've upped my weights from the what was first listed on the spreadsheet just like last year. 6 sets of 12 is starting to get old so I'll be glad when it's over. But then getting into strength, it starts into sets of 6 for the first week then heavier and sets of 4 the second week. I do get a little scared when doing the squats and leg press that week just because it is so heavy. But I always amaze myself at the end.

Doing endurance in March will be a lot nicer than in January as in years past. Though around here you never know what you'll get. Time will be a factor too as I just don't know what it's going to be like with work, school, family...But a plan is helpful just to have direction.

Now the SMSP in April and MSP in may are not going to sit well on a trainer. Maybe the SMSP because I can just get up have coffee and bust them out. And the best training for that phase is done on the trainer. But I can get the workout done early and then go into my day. MSP can be done outside.

The one catch is exactly what race lies at the end of this tunnel. Douthat is one that I've never felt that I've raced to full potential. I've cramped almost every one, and the last time I overcooked it too early, and rode the hardtail when I should have ridden the dually. But it falls on May 3 which is just into the MSP, so technically I'm not fully developed but at least it falls after the SMSP so I'll have some pop in the legs.

I haven't decided yet, maybe there will be on later in May or June to shoot for. But I better pick it soon to have some beacon, some goal to shoot for.


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