Tuesday, February 03, 2009

long winter

Whew, this winter is draggin on like no one's business. Tough time for mtb because in order to ride the trais you need to go out when the ground is frozen, but when it gets nice they turn muddy (except for gap trail system).

Went out on a nice day this weekend and that was a mistake.

Funny thing though is it isn't bothering me too much, in fact it might be a good thing. It's a pain because it's painfully cold sometimes and it limits potential bike commuting. But at the same time I'm busy and lifting so I don't feel bad if it's a bleak day.

In a few more weeks I'm going to hit a short endurance phase where I need to get one or two long rides in a week and then I'll be bummed if it is still this cold. But after that I'll be heading in to the interval stage and I won't mind at all if it's nasty.

Sometimes when it's nice out it is more depressing because if you can't get out and are busy then the woe is me songs gets sung a little. But I'm hoping to commute more by bike.

Regardless of anything I'm glad that I lifted this year. My body feels more balanced, and I hope I can continue one day a week.


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