Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Maintenanece Backlog

3 bikes all in various stages of disrepair.
Flat on the commuter
-need to put new tire on the front of the road bike and move the front tire to the rear, and trash the tire that's been on the trainer for teh past 6 months.

two chains are shot with knowledge from my trusty park chain checker.

-rebuild rear der. redo cablehousing. repack freewheel, fix flat on commuter bike.

I'd like to ride but am having trouble getting out the door. It's hard to think about it with school and finals and work going on now.

This weekedn I want to do a good long ride up to mtn lake from home, see how that goes.

trying to enjoy my time on the bike and now that day will come soon where this will be a higher priority again.


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