Monday, March 17, 2008

New cycle

Just coming off a rest week. Rest weeks can play hell with your mind. The legs need the rest which is fine, but intially coming back from rest is hard. My legs feel stiff and tired and my chest heaves and I am going really slow. Patience hasn't been a forte and I need to remeber to give it a day or two for the legs to get back underneath me.

MSP is starting to transition now into some shorter higher intensity efforts. Though I totally bagged some leadout intervals the other day. Which is unfortunate. Leadouts are a good/bad thing for me. They hurt so much, I feel like I can't even do them worth a snot to the point that they seem worthless while on the trainer, yet I do believe that they pay huge divedends while on the trail.

I'm continuing to just follow the plan on paper. No major race goals are on the horizon, but I need to keep something as a goal to shoot for. Not sure yet what that will be, maybe a time breakthrough on Old Farm or a 50miler mtb ride?


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