Thursday, February 07, 2008

losing another few days

Training is sort of on the fritz again. Actually I was expecting great things this week, as usually supercompensation starts to take place and I can start really getting on the intervals. Things seemed headed in that direction especially based on the feeling in my legs on my last easy road ride.

It was the kind of ride where the legs just want to go and you have to hold back. Climbing especially they felt like they just wanted to tick over. But when I get into the 3 minute intervals earlier this week there was just nothing doing.

Been having some stomach issues lately which is obviously a wrench in the system. Hopefully I can get things to settle down and get back to a routine.

I did get out for about 20mins this morning to just spin my legs. Cold and windy and it took longer to get dressed than I was out for, but it was very refreshing and great boost to the psyche. I got onto my Azure which I haven't been on for almost 2 months.
It just felt good to cruise around on it, do some skills drills: track stands, cornering drills, lofting the front wheel.

Interestingy enough I was also riding a wheelie better than usual. Sometimes when I haven't been on a certain bike for a while, when I get on it I can do things like wheelies better than if I'd been riding the bike every day for a month.

Anyway just trying to find some focus and some direction. I'm honestly still waffling about racing this season, and without a compass to provide a general sense of direction I am most definitely wandering aimlessly.


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