Friday, February 01, 2008

5x1on 2 off

I skipped my workout yesterday in favor of going on a cold snowboard day. I'd given up snowboarding the last few years but have got the bug again. The last years cycling was everything and I didn't want to sacrifice any workouts in favor of another activity. It's different this year and I'm happy with it because Snowboarding like mountain biking is just a cool activity.

I did my 5x1 on 2 off this morning and it went real well. The 1on 2 off is a classic example of how to manipulate the interval configurations in order to complete the workout at the same power output as the previous day's 1x's even though you are starting to succumb to the effects of cummulative fatigue.

By extending the amount of rest to 2x the work interval from the original 1xthe work interval you're providing your body additional rest before the next interval. So you can work as hard as you did the day before. That is the key to the block training philosophy. Consecutive days at the same power output.

I actually upped the power today and was able to do it ok.


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