Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Slowly moving forward

This sinus infection has taken quite a while to clear up. After about 5 days of antibiotics most of the fever/chills went away. However it has taken till just recently to feel totally better. For awhile I've just been really tired and having a very hard time getting outof bet in the morning.

Riding is of course taking a hit. Physically I can do it but mentally it's been a struggle to get out the door. The less I do it the hard it is to get back into it. I view if as negative momentum. I want to do it, I've invested lots of effort and want to build on my training, yet it's ironic that it is difficult to motivate to get out there when first coming back off a layoff.

The last few rides I've done have felt pretty bad. The legs don't have anything and the transition into more cycling specific strength is slow. With a long layoff it's going to take at least as many days back on the bike to get the legs to start coming around. It's not bothering me too much, it's way to early in the year to be worried about how fast I'm going, but it does bother me when it's a struggle to just ride around.

I'd been all gung ho to get into the endurance phase of riding. The weather has been pretty decent in terms of temperature but now we have a short cold spell again. In addition I'd gotten some other things on my mind which takes away from some of the motivation. Hopefully I can get back into it. My goal now is to not obsess over training/riding and just get out in the saddle and remember howmuch fun it is. while slowly moving forward in the training plan.

I got the snowboard bug again so maybe a few days will be sacrificed to sliding on our east coast ice pack and following another learning curve albeight well down on the ability scale compared to mountianbiking.


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