Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The beauty and ugliness of blocks

A tenatnt of Dave Morris's training is the Block. In hypertrophy as well as during the regular riding Blocks in the form of Micro blocks and Macro blocks form the basis for the overall structure of the program.

Right now in hypertrophy the block structure looks like this.


What I've seen is that day B is harder than Day A and Day E puts me on the edge. By Day G and the next Day A I'm ready to rock. This past week on the Day E of the block I was worked. Again I seemed to get this mini flu or something and felt like and did curl up in a chair for a little while.

I also wanted to get out on the mountain bike just to enjoy the cooler weather and I'm not sure that was such a hot idea. It was sort of fun, but also not so fun cause when you can't ride well sometimes it isn't fun and I was really flailing. Yesterday (Day G) I went for a short ride and it was much more fun. I was actually steering and moving the bike well.

The first thing that goes when I'm lifting is my leg spin. It's not so much the lack of power in the legs as it is the nice turnover. They just feel more like pistons up/down rather than that the sweet cycling turnover.

Today is back to Day A and the second week of Hypetrophy. I'm hoping to up my weights a little bit this week as I'm starting to adapt and this is the week where the magic happens.


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