Thursday, December 20, 2007

New muscle cramp cure

Just saw this on the newsletter.
PowerBar's answer to pickle juice, Tums and V-8 (three of the many anti-cramp suggestions found at is a new product called Magnesium Liquid. It comes in 25-ml vials, has a citrus flavor and contains vitamin B6, artificial sweeteners and, as you'd guess, magnesium. Taken daily and especially before a ride, the stuff is supposed to fend off painful muscle seizures. Strangely, it's not shown at but we found it on a German website at

Looks interesting. From my many years of trying, the only thing I've found to combat my lock up muscle cramps has been Sport Legs. For me, Sport Legs are not without their issues.

While they do without a doubt stave off the lockup leg muscle cramps they also make my legs feel sort of numb with no snap. I hate starting out a race with the dosage kicked in and prefer to have the first dose kick in around 1/2hr or 45 mins.

I'll definitely try this new magic bullet out and see what it does.


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