Friday, February 22, 2008

Making progress

I've been making some progress in the training. Moved from 8min intervals up to 10mins and did them at the same power as last week's 8min so some supercompensation is taking place. I think I'm a little lower than last year but not too much. Maybe 10W which isn't too bad.

Time has a tendency to stand still about halfway through these intervals. So much so that I have to rotate my watch out of sight so I can't look at the timer. Otherwise I look at it and then ride some more and look at it again and it hardly seems to have moved. I did 3 reps today. The first two were at a higher power than the last one. There is sort of a line in the sand. And I was standing across it on the first two but couldn't hang and dropped the power by 10W which is the smallest increment on my trainer.

In a few weeks I'll be moving into some more inseason type of work that will include butt kickers which are 8-12 mins of alternating intensities each minute. MSP one minute then SMSP the next. In the past I've emphasized more the MSP, this time I'm going to try and go for a higher SMSP and keep the MSP where I'm at. We'll see.

But for now I'm going to keep with the program and just try to follow my workouts. Tomorrow I'm going to get outside and do some MSP 8 min intervals on a hill somewhere and get out of the basement.

It's amazing how little time I'm riding. I don't think I've been on the bike longer than 1.5 hrs in over a month. But I bet you I could go out for a 2 hr ride at a decent pace and not have too much problem. Note that decent pass is a relative term.
Said it before and say it again. Morris plan is great for those w/o a lot of time who still want to ride well.


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