Sunday, April 20, 2008

When in doubt, do hills

Wife and kids have been sick and I caught it the other day. I'm trying to learn from history in order to avoid a sinus infection and have been on Sudafed for the last 3 days 24 hours straight.

Got out on the mtb for an hour yesterday and got out on the road bike for an hour today. Just trying to keep the blood moving and sweat out the cold a little bit. No fever, so feel ok sweating a little.

Got out to some hills near my house. Always a good workout on short time. I'm close to home in case it rains or don't feel good. And even if I don't feel like pushing it, just getting to the top ensures a good workout.

Starting to get the bug back about riding, even started perusing the mtbr forums again and spending money on mailorder. That's always a telltale sign I'm into something when the credit card comes out. At least (for the moment) I'm not concerned about getting a new bike. Quite pleased with all my bikes.

Though next week we are travelling so another 4 days gone off the bike which will require at least a week and 1/2 to get the heart/legs back.


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