Sunday, September 03, 2006


It's always easy to fall back on the fact that I am MWC and FTJ and say that I don't have the time to train like others. But honestly, I don't think time is a limiter. I certainly don't put the kind of hours in that a lot of guys do, but I don't think that's limiting me right now. I'm luckier than most. My wife is very understanding being cyclist and former racer herself, and the kids are getting older which makes it easier to get away.

But time limitations aren't a good excuse for performance.

How do I know? Because sometimes I can't complete a scheduled workout at the prescribed intensity. I've got the time to do the workout, but can't do it.

Recovery is the biggest limiter not time. Maybe in a few years from now when I've progressed enough to have worked up to more weekly hours, then time might be a limiter.


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