Saturday, September 02, 2006

So you wanna be an expert?

What a day. Out the door at 8:30 to drive 3 hrs to Wet/wild emerald Pointe water park. We had a blast acutally much more than I though we would. The kids ar e6 and 8 and we didn't do any of the main attractions except the wave pool, but there was plenty to keep them occupied, and we stayed till closing and didn't get home till 8:45pm.

I needed to do a trainer ride. Yes right then. My wife was very understanding and she put the kids to bed. This is my last weekend to do anything hard that will provide benefits at the Douthat race on sept 17th.

I was so tired and just wanted to lay down. But just kept asking myself "do you want to be expert of what?"

Hopped on the trainer. Starting into the workout and felt terrible, just like this past wednesday. Light headed to the point of wanting to faint, higher than normal sweat dripping in buckets. I'd tried to down some gatorade and hour before on the drive up. But after baking all day in the sun and not eating 300 grams of carbs 3 hrs before, I wasn't set up for this.

Check out this So you wanna be an expert workout:
6X 0:20 on 0:20 off
1min rest
5min MSP
6X 0:20 on 0:20 off
5 min rest

repeat X4

This first one I thought I was going to die. The second felt a little better. Thank something or someone cause the third on was better than the first. My light headedness was gone and I was functioning . Made it through the 4th with a little half assing some of the leadouts. It was hard.

3hrs on Brush. John and I are going to do the R Dawg course again. Except this time He is going to give me a headstart and I'm going to do the expert loop. On the new bike no less. At first I'd suggested another ride, because I was scared of doing this race sim. I'm glad he talked me into it. It is wise to do something once like you're going to have to do in a race.

I'm bringing 3 bottles of HEED with 37grams/carbs /bottle. Goal of 1 bottle and hour
3 sport legs 1 hr before, 5 at 40mins another 5 at 2hrs.
Camel back with 60oz water

I'm also getting up at 5:30 in the am to get 300 grams of carbs in me somehow someway for an 8:30 start.

New bike with front tire checked over, it seems to be holding air. Some different grips, tightened the fork up a little (decreased SPV chamber, addede a little bit of air) to see if the front end won'd dive as much.


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Picture of the new bike?


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