Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My wife is gonna have a nicer bike than me

When a man is obsessive about their hobby, it can be a tough thing to stomach when their wife get's something nicer than them. Well I better get out the Rolaids.

Just ordered a 2006 Titus Racer X Ano Black - XXS for my wife.

It's the ONLY full suspension bike w/o going full on custom that will fit her. This is designed for 5' and under.

This will be the first new bike (mountain or road) she has gotten in over 12 years. Let's see I've had 2 new hardtails and 3 new FS and 3 road bikes in that time. Her hardtail is starting to fade, the seat stays are starting to flex under braking, I can't get the rear wheel to lock up with me on it. Super Light steel does have a useable lifespan. Plus it has a 1" headset and you can't find any decent forks that will work for a very light riders.


At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Cory said...

Lucky her! Did you look at the Juliana? Not that I'd choose the Santa Cruz over that Titus. Sweet looking bike...

And you've only had 5 mountain bikes in 12 years? C'mon Ashwin -- I think I've had 4 fullies and 6 hardtails in the last 5 years! You need to step it up a bit! A new Azure would be a good start though...

At 6:17 AM, Blogger ashwinearl said...

The Juliana was a potential choice but even their smallest size is too big. For 5'0" or shorter the XXS Titus seems to be the only stock option. The Juliana comes in at a super price point but is probably suitable for 5'2" or taller.

My goal is to find the bikes that actually keep me from getting new ones. I am pretty sure I'm there with the road bike. It's so sweet that there is no reason to get a new one.

With FS the goal is find one that will keep me happy for 5 years cause with technology advances it is unrealistic to say forever.

For a hardtail probably 10 years.


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