Friday, August 18, 2006

notes to self on Leg recovery

Legs were really hurting yesterday. Race was on Sunday. Post race the legs didn't hurt too much but were tired.

Tuesday was an interval workout that went real well, and Wednseday was a 1.5 hr mountain bike ride with about 35 minutes of hard climbing in there. I was stoked to break 18minutes on Old farm given the condition of my legs, and with the exception of the steps at the bottom I rode the entire Beast.

Thursday my legs ached bad. Hip flexors hurt. Upper shoulders hurt.

Here is what I tried for recovery.

I'd been using the Stick massager (the red one)
(I think I need to get a longer one because this one feels too stiff). I had some trigger points in my legs for sure.

I used the roll on of Bio Freeze at least 3 times throughout the day. Massaged it in

The gel is way better and I need to get some.

Did some self massage, but it's hard with hairy legs.

Stretched my hams against the wall, and also followed some of these stretches for the lymphatic system of the legs.

Though my flexibility is about a 10th of that dude.

I was really surprised how good my legs felt commuting in this morning. But I also did't push it. Tomorrow will tell a lot about if they are recovered or not.


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