Sunday, August 06, 2006

sometimes easy isn't easy

This weeks has been a rest week. A few leadouts, a few 1xs yesterday, and 3hr Z2 today. The workout yesterday felt fine, easy even. Today didn't feel so good. Not sure if it was not getting enough sleep, or not eating enough for breakfast, or not eating enough during the ride.

I've done several very hard road and mtn bike rides in the 3-3.5hr length, so 3hrs easy should not be an issue.

The legs hurt much more than they should during and after. It's a little concerning but in looking at the calendar probably not surprising. Last weekend , and the weekend before had hard multi-day blocks. In the past it can take up to 11days to fully recover. So to be tired today isn't a bad thing. To be tired by next weekend will be a bad thing.

I've seen this patter before, where when the legs are in a recovery cycle, no matter what kind of workout I do. Be it easy, or medium or hard, the legs just feel bad. But when they emerge on the other side of recovery they are ready to rock. Crossing my fingers for this weekend.

I'm going to do vet expert ,and regardless of the legs it is going to be a rude awakening.

last year I took 3rd in vet sport with a time of 1:03 for 2 laps. The expert winner did 3 laps in 1:13 the vet expert winner did 3 laps in 1:14 Just extrapolating out my two lap time, I would have been around next to last in vet expert last year. That is sort of the nature of expert class. You can go from near the top in sport to near the bottom of expert. There isn't a whole lot of middle ground.

This isn't really a course that suits my strengths. The fast lappy type courses aren't my forte. I haven't decided yet how to approach the race. Head first, heart later. Or all heart from the gun.

If it was a key race and a longer race, I'd go for option 1 because that has been key to recent successes. Since this is more of a training race, I'm thinking to blow it out from the get go.


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My main training buddy was off this year due to injury, so I decided to move to expert to ride more with my other good friend. Well this year if I had stayed in sport I would have podiumed several times. In expert, I am at the back of the pack even though I am riding faster than ever. I generally think a race 1-1.5hrs needs a balls out redline approach. 2-5hrs needs a more steady pace. Go out of the gate hard and do well!!!!


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