Thursday, August 31, 2006

Good days and bad days

Sometimes you have good days like this past weekend where I shaved 10minutes off my time from last year on the Rowdy Dawg Course. I was riding the last stretch so strong I was standing up and hammering.

And other days are bad days like yesterday where I rode in the afternoon with CP and just felt terrible. I think that I was bonked before we even started riding. I must learn someday how to properly eat when riding in the afternoon. Because now matter what it seems like I never eat enough. It wasn't until 1hr into the ride that I started to feel better after the energy drink starting kicking in.

My new bike felt just as slow as the previous bike. Which means that when you feel like crap and you'll still feel like crap on a fancy new bike. My front tire was having problems and was loosing air pressure down the Beast. I felt like I was getting bucked too far forward and then on the last hair section of root steps the front end felt totally mushy. I thought it might be the fork at first. Then the front dived and I went down.

The last downhill I started to feel a tad better. But this ride wasn't a good way to test a new bike. The weight balance is slightly different. The wheelbase is just a tad longer so in general my timing is off totally. So it deserves some more rides and some better prep on my part to review it properly


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