Sunday, August 27, 2006

Notes to self :rdawg sport simulation

Breakfast: 6:30am
two pieces toast
natural peanut butter
egg white
Soy milk

3 Sport Legs at 8:30am

1 bottle (20oz) Gatorade 1.5 scoops (25g carbs) on the way out there.

Heed (1.5 scoops) per small water bottle (25g/scoop)=37g / small bottle
Started drinking immediately from start
1bottle in first hour
2nd bottle in jersey side pocket, swapped out when empty
2:08 total time had a little bit left in the 2nd bottle.

Camel back plain water (no elete) 40oz almost empty when finished

-5 Sport legs (carried in plastic bag) stopped on trail and downed at 40minutes in

very slight stomach bloating, some burping, not too bad. No bonking. Hungry feelingin stomach
no cramps.

After had a Payday protein bar. Mistake now I felt worse.

Conclusions: stay under 40g carbs/hr. Maybe 30g/hr might be better. Sweet spot is to limit stomach upset and not bonk at the same time.

Notes on gearing:
Hardtail has 24/32/42 up front and 12-28 on back. Only a few times was gearing not low enough to climb well. This works when fresh. When really tired gearing is too high. I spent a lot of time in the small ring sometimes 2,3,4 even 5 gears down.

On FS have 22/32/44 and 12-32.
22/32 is much more of a bail out gear than 24/28. When I rely on it too much I go a lot slower. Today's simulation showed me that I don't need that low a gear. On the FS I've found myself stuck where I'd like to stay in the small ring but was running out of gears. Middle would work ok but might leave me needing to shift back to the small risking chain suck.

Might need to to try a 24 ring on front.

I'd tried a 27t Dura Ace cassette with the 22 and it seemed too hard for overall training. Racing it seemed ok.


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