Sunday, February 05, 2006

Can't breathe through my nose

I am so stuffed up it isn't funny. I've been really congested for more than a week. At first I thought it was allergies but it's something worse. I hadn't been achey or feverish or had a runny nose or anything like a typical cold. Just congestion.

Had three days off then a 2hr ride, then the longest ride in over a year 4:15 on the Bradshaw loop. Then yesterday it was rainy, misty and wanted to get on the mountain bike. The gap mtn trails are the place to be when the rain comes because they don't get muddy. But they are really technicals with wet leaves, roots, and rockgardens.

Rode with CP who is just so much fun to ride with because his skills are just so fluid. Such presence of where his rear wheel and pedals are. Also dragged my neighbor out who I've been riding with a little. He's a former collegiate Cat 2 with family and tough work hours.

But he's also that kind of rider that can do on trainer ride a week and be right up there with me who's on the full program. So we push each other and I had to get him back from last weekend where he schooled me on all the climbs. I was on yesterday and that combined with the dually made for some good riding. He however was running WAY too much tire pressure and his AL stiff hardtail beat him up. So we are even now.

But I didn't sleep that great and I am even MORE stuffed up. I've tried all the meds I've got and nothing is working. I need some wasabi or some hot wings to open up my sinuses. Hope it clears up soons. Feeling some aches and chill a little. That combined with winter's return to VA makes me want to just crawl into bed.


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