Monday, January 30, 2006

Feedback Sports Scale - Got me one

Ever see Independence Day with Will Smith? You know the scene where he is flying the alien space craft and he hits the gas on it...I got to get me one of these!!!

That is the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard that my man Dan put in a good word to me about my Weight Weenie articles (part 1 and Part 2)to the makers of that so sweet scale I mentioned.

Feedback Sports makes this most awesome product.

This thing is SO wicked. It has a rubberized shell to protect it and it measures in .1 and .01 of a pound. Only a bicycling weight weenie scale measures in 10ths and hundreths of a pound. The other scale I've got measures in Pounds and Ounces. Which does nothing from a weight weenie perspective as everything is either grams or X.Y lbs.

I hung it from one of my garage door supports and did a quick check on my FS and road bike. Oh the horror! I am such a total poser. I can talk the talk just like any fool with enough time on their hands to lurk in the forums. But I certainly am not walking the walk. My FS was 27.78 lbs, and my road bike in all it's Ti glory was 18.85 lbs. I've got to get that roadie down sub 18 if I am going to maintain any sense of a rep. The only option in a FS is the IF Tungsten electrode because it is the only DW link bike that is light enough to warrant being hung up on this jewel of a scale.

This thing is about the polar opposite of a 12 step program, it is more like the guy on the street corner giving out free samples. I LOVE it. Look for it in any future product reviews and when I weigh kids. It has a 55lb limit and they are not up to that yet.

Thanks very much to the pusher Doug at Feedback Sports.


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