Thursday, January 19, 2006

Feel the power

The other day in the cold I was doing some ME (muscle endurance) intervals.
Low cadence, high gear work up a hill.

It is amazing how big a gear I was able to turn w/o falling over. Hopefully this will help unlock the power just waiting to get out in the old legs. After doing the big gears, going back to regular gears feels so effortless.

On an easy ride today, it also amazing how going outside the comfort zone skyrockets the breathing and the heartrate in an instant. I guess that is what the SMSP and the MSP intervals are going to be for in the next phases.

This week I did some 2 hr rides. Rest week next week. Then up to some 3 hr rides, and topping out with a 4hr in the last week of endurance. I'll still do some sprint work and ME work during those rides as well.


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