Friday, January 13, 2006


I've got one more lifting session and I've been riding some more. Not long, not hard. But it's a fair amount more than over the past few weeks. And I'm feeling a little run down. It's bunk to feel tired from riding so little.

I think it's just the transitions that are a slight shock to my body.

A rest week is reccommended between the major periods. A rest week being drastically reduced volume but the same types of rides normally depending on what phase you are in. But I've got some work related travel coming in a few weeks, and some days where I know there will be no riding so I might try and push through and take rest during that down time.

Though historically this is the kind of thing that gets me sick. But what can you do. If I take rest week next week, then the following week will be another dead week cause of work.


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