Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Iron Horse 06 site up

The new Iron Horse Bicycles web site is up.

What I don't understand is that now that they have a truer XC / aggressive XC / enduro kind of bicycle with the Azure
Why aren't they stepping up to the plate and publicizing some higher profile sponsorships for XC or endurance racers? All their big names are downhillers which makes some sense since their primary market has been in the downhill/freeride genres. But they are trying to market the Azure to the XC and endurance racers. They either ought to sign a big name or publicize their current XC racers to get the word out.

The endurance world is growing so big and gets so much action on the net through blogs and forums that a few sightings of this bike at some races would put it on the map. Or get it underneath some XC racers and then SAY something about it on the web site would at least give the impression that the company has a commitment to XC.

I WANT one of these so bad.

My Hollowpoint P1010005 just got a little turbo boost by putting an 80mm fork on it, but it the Azure is bred to go fast.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Dirty Bert said...

I like their new site and bikes. It's about time, there's enough money to go around for them. Make them phat lookin' and low on the price and they'll be a winner.

I was looking at yer trail pics on Flicker (sp). Ever notice the trail pics never come out the way you see it? They look cool as your standing there, all proud, that you just rode it and then you take that pic and BAM, it looks completely different. What the hell!?!?!

First time viewer of yer blog. Looks good!

dirty bert @ Trail Hog


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