Friday, January 20, 2006

Long term test of Extreme Simple Green

If you read my preliminary review of Extreme Simple Green several weeks ago, you'll recall that I started soaking a chain in the stuff on December 17th. It was my wife's chain and she wanted to go on a ride today, so I had to remember where it was.

I opened up the secret testing chamber and here are the results:

This is the side of the chain that was facing the top. Not all the chain was completely submerged.

There were a few spots with some rust staining. It was intersting to note that the rust stained portions were above the surface of the soaking solution.

This is a picture of the side of the chain that was on the bottom of the container and had been completely submerged in the solution .

It was spotless.
I stuck the chain under some running water and washed away any grit/residue, then hit it with the air gun and put the chain back on. Re-lubed it, wiped away the excess and away she went. There is nothing like the feel of a newly cleaned chain.

Here is a picture of what was left in the container:

Contrast that to the shot taken when the chain was first put in it.

Recall that I had first dilluted the solution with some water then changed my mind and dumped it and redid it with 100% Extreme Simple Green. There might have been some water still on the sides of the container, I don't know. But the rust stains only occured on portions of the chain that were above the surface, and nothing at all happened on the bottom part that had been submerged for more than 4 weeks.

So my advice is if you are going to forget about a chain is to make sure that it is completely covered.


At 11:59 AM, Blogger steve said...

I tried out a similar experiment, except it went rather wrong for me. I used an old coffee can, which is made of metal. After soaking a chain in there for a week, the nickel (?) plating on the chain lifted off and adhered onto the coffee can. This made the chain start going rusty; it was still perfectly usable though, as it's only surface rust.

However... the chain wore out a lot more quickly, I've been rotating two chains and the other chain is OK, but the rusted chain has stretched out and now needs replacing. I guess the lesson I've taken away from this is not to use a metal based container for experiments like this!


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