Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back from rest is hard

3days off the bike in Myrtle Beach.

1st day back 45mins at Zone 2. Zone 2 sounds low, as there are 5 Zones. So you'd think Zone 2 would be easy. But it doesn't feel like it. It burns some. Enough to be uncomfortable. That's what happens when you take a lot of time completely off the bike. It's a little shock to the system when you come back.

The rest is very beneficial but it's just another example of how you have to be patient to reap the rewards.

2nd day back 2 sets of 7x2min on 2 off. This time I started at 300w. A couple I had to do at 290w. I am pretty sure that test I did for MSPO gave me a higher reading than what my MSPO is. Cause that test said 280w. You'd think that for 2 min interval that I'd be able to do more than 300w?

I was watching my heartrate too and it was showing around the high 180s-190s which is what that MSPO test settled at. I would think that I'd be edging up to the mid 190s and higher by the end of a 2minute interval. Doesn't really matter it is what it is. But I am thinking of pulling out the HRM for races and rides again just to see what it says. It will only be accurate during the early part of a ride that is in the beginning of a block of rides. But I am hoping I can use it to help gauge my race pace better. I used to use it a lot.

What really matters is that I did the entire workout at a set intensity.

7 is a hard # of intervals to do. It seems to go on forever.
2x7x2=28 minutes at a high intensity. That's pretty good.


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