Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not as bad

I apologize for the whininess of the last post. I was just bummed at having to miss Douthat this year. I have to present at a conference at 5pm that evening in Philedelphia. Let's see. Race starts at noon. 2.5hr race. Collect prize money. Drive to airport.....

Thanks for the suggestions for races. I've thought about road a little. I wouldn't mind just going out to help the team and just ride myself into the ground. But I worry a lot about either being that guy and crashing out the field, or getting crashed out by someone else. Rocks, roots, singletrack with drop offs I can handle. Wheel to wheel with someone I don't know is another story.

But the WV races have some dates/locations that look like they might work. I'm just trying to have at least 1 event to work towards each month. Possibly two. Any more than that and it becomes too much of a strain on the family.

March 26 - mock race hopefully
May 28 There is a race in South Charleston, WV
*June 4 Hoo Ha
*July 16 Commonwealth games
July 30 WV little beaver race
Aug 26 Danville (sat)
Aug 27 Ace River Center Race -WV
Sept 23 - Bedford sat
Sept 24 Black Bear Race - WV
*Oct 1 Hill climb
*Oct ? Rowdy Dawg

*= priority race

Oh well busy summer. But there is a lot more choice there than I first thought.


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