Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another painful one

Today was another hard one.

Again just an hour in the basement, but I was worked. Sometimes it's hard to grasp that this stuff is going to make me stronger. When others are doing 2-3-4hrs on the bike or trail and my volume has dropped through the floor.

At the same time, it is also easy to question, Why do these have to be so hard? Wouldn't I rather be doing a 2hr mtn bike ride. A ride that I THINK is hard but really isn't as hard as these things. Well yeah, but this is what is making me strong, and if I would approach some of my 'race sim' training rides with as much gusto, I wouldn't be cramping out as much.

You can also never really escape. On the trail or road, there is always that guilty twinge that you're leaving your family. So you train at home hoping to be more time efficient. Head down. eyes closed, last couple of intervals and I hear "Daddy! Daddy! Fix my game." My son needed help with his Game Boy Game.

Go ask your mother.

I just need two more minutes of pure concentrated effort. Can you just give me that much.

Daddy! Fix this please! Well he did say please.

I actually screwed up my schedule. I was supposed to start this stuff on Sunday and we are leaving for out of town this Fri, Sat, Sun.
The original plan was:
Sun On
Mon On
Tues Off
Wed On
Thurs On
Mon 1hr zone 2

But everything got shifted a day because I started on Monday.

Now I'm not sure if I should rest tomorrow or try to do the workout.
I don't know if I could do the workout if I tried it tomorrow. I could try and just see what happens. But I don't want to take Thur, Fri, Sat and Sun totally off.

This is a classic case of the thinking that is going to get me sick. Discretion should be the better part of valor, and I should rest Wed, then do Thursday and then just suck up the forced rest.


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