Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ohh that's cold

Well it was cold to me. It's all relative I guess, check this guy out.

Sub 30 degrees to start. Windy. I was actually fairly comfortable except for my feet. I had thicker socks, windtex shoe covers and some chemical warmers. I even rubbed some antiperspirant cream on them. I survived ok, but I have some circulation problem at the toes that is for sure.
3 hrs 30 mins.

I did the Miller's Cove Ride . Though reverse of the directions at that link.

It is a freaky ride, cause you really go out into the back country of SW Virginia, even though you aren't really that far from the major roads, it SURE feels like it. I'd done it once before going the other direction so wasn't exactly sure how far the turns off were. The paved road turns to dirt, then back to paved, then dirt then paved. I kept waiting and waiting for the turn on to Miller's Cove. I was getting scared that I missed it.

You go past some serious trailers and abandoned farm houses. A fair amount of the Confederate Flags flying high. This road, Miller's Cove connects two main roads. It is super narrow, and starts off as dirt, then switches to paved at a county line. Going this direction it is a serious climb, though not too long. It's even got some Alpe d'Huez style switchbacks. Here is a shot that doesn't look as steep as it was.

There was no cell coverage out there. I was worried about mechanicals and flats, but once I made the turn onto Mt. Tabor road I wasn't too worried as there is civilization there. But the wind was something coming back. Wind chill must have been into the 20s

Almost done with the base phase. On one hand I've done better with it than ever before, on the other hand I haven't been doing the Sprints and leadout intervals Like Dave's plan calls for. Luckily it has been a relatively mild winter. I don't know what I would have done if we'd gotten more snow/ice like we usually do. But I am getting tired of it and am ready for the intervals. I don't know how some people do 3-4 months of base. I'd never make it as a roadie. Those guys are hard that is for sure.

I like riding and I feel pretty good, but I'm geting tired of the cold feet, the wind, the dogs, the cars, etc. I'll be leaving mother nature's torture chamber and entering my man made one. I'll be hurting for certain in the next phase, but it is really the most important phase for the goals I am trying to achieve.


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