Monday, February 13, 2006

Welcome back Kotter

First day of SMSP Intervals.

The first day is usally a slightly rude awakening, but it wasn't too bad this morning. Cup of coffee, then down to the basement. This will be my third year doing these and the feeling when you are done is getting to be a comfortable place. Nauseous, dizzy, 1000 yard stare. Sitting at the kitchen drinking recovery drink.
Welcome back.

I did:
6 x 1 min ON 1 min 0FF
3 mins rest between sets.

The way to do intervals is at a set intensity that you can maintain for the entire workout. Typically it will feel too easy the first set, but if you went too high than you can't finish the last set at the same intensity.

I started at 320W today. Being the first day into it, it's also good for me to ease into it somewhat.

1min ON goes so slow. 1 min off goes so fast
3mins rest goes by in a heartbeat.

I cheat sometimes. If I start with a high gear/cadence and then increase the ERGO power I can usually take that momentum and hold it longer than if I started from a low cadence. If I do that my legs bog. Towards the end of some of them my cadence starts to slowly drop. Sometimes, if cadence falls below 70 or 60 then I just hit a wall and practically come to a stand still.

The goal behind these intervals is to get my body capable of producing higher power than my MSPO. I did 3x6 minutes (18 minutes) at an intensity that I wouldn't have been able to do for 18 minutes straight. I hope to build my total WORK up to 25+mins.

The next steps are do do the same thing but with 2min and 3 and 4 min intervals. The intensity of these intervals will be less than the 1min intensity but still will be more than my sustainable power MSPO.

The next phase is to switch over to longer intervals in the 8, 10, 12-->20 min range.

The entire goal of both phases is to take that MSPO that I determined the other day and increase it.


At 2:49 AM, Anonymous Alan said...

When I am fatiguing at the end of an interval and just about to give up, I usually curse Dave and it gets me going. Sometimes imagining my friend passing me for the finish gets me up. Hearing my son cheer "GO papa Go!" helps too. Welcome back to the pain.


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