Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Road Rash treatment kit

When I got home I did the typical, Hydrogren Peroxide and Bacitracin cream treatment. But thought it wise to search the good ol' net to see what the latest and greatest treatment for road rash is.

This site and this one both suggested some good treatment options.

So I went to the drug store and bought supplies for a road rash treatment kit:

-0.9% pressurized saline spray to clean it out
-sterile pads to pat it dry
-New fangled bandages to keep a moist environment but keep out bacteria and let it breathe
-Reese's for comfort
-Beer for comfort (1st beer in more than a month, hadn't really been missing it but wanted one tonight)
-Not pictured - naproxen

The knee doesn't hurt too much. Picking hair out did. A case for shaving legs. I believe that the nerve endings in this knee are dulled from crashing on it so much. I've done a number on it several times over the years.


At 11:17 PM, Blogger Sean said...

You got good taste in beer...makes me want one.

At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Greg said...

Here's another "wound care" link

I believe the author is an ER doctor, and I know he is a bike racer and OBRA head (or maybe co-head) honcho.

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Dicky said...

I usually go home, cut out the big chunks with nail clippers, and scrub it in the shower till I cry.
My wife is an ER nurse, and I am pretty sure she thinks your treatment is more effective.

At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did a flip over the handlebars, but luckily landed on my head (smart thing that it is, it had a helmet on). The shoulder, however, didnt even bother with a sleeve to cover it (stupid things shoulders. Get hurt all the time, and what would we do without 'em?).

So, I searched the web and everwhere it says the "best costs and heres a way to do it on the cheap"...

Well, I have spent so much on replenishing the "cheap" supplies (about 50 bucks) that I could have bought the expensive stuff (Tegaderm, Duoderm, etc.).

Now, not to shoot down the "cheap" stuff, but if its going to take a week or two of changing dressings, you might want to consider forking out a few bucks more for the better stuff.

And heres the thing... sells packs of 10 sheets of 15x20cm (about 6x8"- a good size) for about $44. In the US it costs between $ 100 and $140 for the exact same product from the exact same manufacturer (3M). I havent bought it yet but will do so as soon as I finish this comment.

So, with Tegaderm from a Canadian supplier it would have cost me perhaps 3-5 sheets of the Tegaderm for a 10-14 day treatment. At $ 4.40 a sheet thats a max of $22 for a much better and more convenient treatment.

Whats the moral? Other than learn from your mistakes, plan ahead, DONT FALL DOWN?(easier said I know, and it takes concentration and commitment). There is always a source to get the best at a low price.

Next time I fall and break my shoulder, I'll be sure to write all about that too ;-)

At 2:25 AM, Anonymous josh said...

Does the treat works? Because the other day i fell off my bike and got hurt in my penis and since then i getting some problem with it, i do not wish to see a doctor!


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