Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Stacked it - on the bike path no less

Should have stayed in the basement today.
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Took the mtn bike to work with me. Rode around the parking lot a little, track stands, etc. Then figured I'd take a short spin on the bike path for recovery from the past day's intervals.

Downhill left hand turn from road to the bike path. I took the sharper than expected and cut the turn and hit a soft patch of dirt at the intersection of the bike path and the road. I pulled up on the front wheel hoping to coaster wheelie over the dirt. Not sure what happend but I go down.

When I picked myself up, I looked at the bike and the front tire had rolled off the rim. No clue what happened. Maybe I timed the front end loft wrong and landed right in the soft mud and hit the lip of the bike path while leaned over. Or maybe I had too little air in the front tire, or the fork was too soft. But I've NEVER rolled the tire off. I've been running Stans NO tubes for more than a year. I've burbed air before on big rocks. And it has been low enough to feel squishy before. But never rolled it off.

Embarassing. So much for the skills practicing. I've been bombing some trails lately too. I guess it's probably a good thing to crash here then there.

I haven't crashed in a while. Maybe I got it out of the system.
I wore tights too even though it was really warm. Good thing.


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